We've made it easy to recycle your electronics.

If you want to replace an outdated electronic product or you want to recycle it, we've made the process simple. We provide take-back service for Consumer Electronic Products to the consumer. Just enter your city, state or zip code below and we'll show you an authorized LG drop-off site.

Hemos hecho que sea fácil reciclar sus equipos electrónicos.
Si desea reemplazar un producto electrónico obsoleto o si desea reciclarlo, hemos hecho de este un proceso simple. Proporcionamos recolección de productos electrónicos. Solo tiene que introducir su ciudad, estado o código postal abajo y le mostraremos un sitio de recolección de LG autorizado.

For more information, please call us at 1-866-372-2928 or email at info@lgrecyclingprogram.com.

LG Drop-off sites can be changed without notice.
Please contact at info@lgrecyclingprogram.com for the detailed information.

You can find further drop off sites at greener gadgets

* Para obtener más información, por favor llamenos al 1-866-372-2928 o envienos un correo electrónico a info@lgrecyclingprogram.com
Los sitios de recolección de LG se pueden cambiar sin previo aviso.
Por favor, póngase en contacto con info@lgrecyclingprogram.com para información detallada.
Usted puede encontrar más sitios de recoleccion en greener gadgets.

* Haga clic en aquí para conocer más acerca del programa de reciclaje de LG.

Packaging Take-Back
LG wants to make packaging recycling a simple and easy process at no cost for general and business consumers.

Consumers who request packaging recycling services have to fill out and submit the request form to receive a free prepaid shipping label.

Just click the link here to receive a free prepaid shipping label for packaging recycling.

Consumers can use the LG recycling program for all LG branded products, including LG, Zenith, and Goldstar.

  Recycle your electronic equipment through our mail-back program throughout United States at no cost.
LG wants to make recycling a simple and easy process at no cost for general consumer, so we have partnered with ERI recycler to bring you our Mail-back Recycling Program. Through this program, you can responsibly recycle your unwanted electronic equipment. Please visit the website at http://electronicrecyclers.com/mailback/lg.

** Notice ** New York Consumers: For New York State consumers only, LG will accept all LG branded covered electronic equipment* and, with any purchase of an LG branded covered electronic equipment, LG will recycle your old brand of the same type of covered electronic equipment at no cost. Also LG will provide the recycling program for all branded covered electronic equipment where there is no physical collection site in county and municipality with 10,000 or more people at no cost. Click here for the detailed information. Also LG provides pick up service for New York Consumers. Please call at 1-866-372-2927 or email at info@lgrecyclingprogram.com

** Notice ** New Jersey Consumers: For New Jersey Consumers who are not physically able to lift and move heavy (50 pounds in weight or heavier) or unwieldy covered electronic devices, LG provides pick up service at no cost. Please call us at 1-866-372-2928 or email at info@lgrecyclingprogram.com.

  Are cell phones and other handheld devices included in the LG's recycling program?
You can recycle any LG - branded cell phones and small cell phone accessories at no cost.
Just click the link here to receive a free prepaid shipping label and guidance for recycling instruction.

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